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Berufsbildung in der Zahnarztpraxis

Promoting young talents

Education and continuing education are at the centre of the SSO's efforts. That is why the SSO Basel-Stadt and the SSO Baselland is also committed to promoting young talents, among other things.

We currently offer the following training courses:

Are you interested in one of these training courses? You are welcome to contact our secretariat for further information about the training, requirements and other questions:

Further information on professions in the field of "health and motion" can also be found on the website of ipso (provider of private education in Northwestern Switzerland, leading education company in German-speaking Switzerland).

Dental assistant


Dental assistants are the first contact person for patients. They must be competent and responsible in their professional field.

The training course lasts three years and is federally recognised by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation. The training is completed in a dental practice or dental clinic recognised by the canton. Under the supervision of the cantonal vocational training office, the knowledge required for the examination is taught one day a week at the HWS Medicine. The training ends with the final apprenticeship examination. The Federal Certificate of Competence is awarded upon passing the examination.

Anyone interested in this training course to become a dental assistant can contact the secretariat of the SSO beider Basel for further information.


A dental assistant has the following duties:

  • Assisting at the dentist's chair in the entire range of dentistry.
  • Preparation of x-rays according to the dentist's instructions.
  • Responsibility for the disinfection and sterilisation of all instruments, as well as for the proper functioning of the equipment.
  • Responsibility for accounting, booking of incoming payments, keeping the patient agenda and operating the telephone.
  • Management of all the practice's material.


Prerequisites for this profession are a basic interest in medicine, the desire to interact with people, as well as the ability to work in a team and flexibility. A good previous school education makes it easier to complete the apprenticeship. A good physical condition is necessary, as working with patients puts a strain on the back. A well-groomed appearance, polite interaction with patients and good language skills are expected.


The dental practice team at a glance

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